Discover the Baltic Fetish Weekend workshops!

Wax Play (by Thalia Hel)

Wax Play can be so many things–a sensual practice, a pain play, foreplay to awaken the nerve endings, a relaxing closer to an intense session, a holistic process of art therapy for the giver and receiver or just a bright sensation accent during some other practice.

Whatever way you choose to use candle wax as a tool to play with your partner and bring them pleasure, there are rules and ways to make it feel amazing. And Thalia Hel is here to share them with you.

Main topics:

  • Safety measures
  • Candle wax types
  • Preparation of the space and body
  • How to start, proceed and end the practice
  • Which play you can incorporate wax play in
  • Removal process options (knife play explained)

You will have the option to try wax play on your own skin. This masterclass is an introduction to waxplay for whoever is interested.

Sensation Play (by Vittoria Hell)

Sensation play involves an array of activities and tools that can enhance arousal, connection, intimacy, and pleasure through the engagement of one or more of the five senses (sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste).

Through a combination of discussions, demonstrations, and hands-on learning, participants will learn about the various tools and techniques used in sensation play - including how to choose the right tool for the desired sensation and how to use it safely.

Main topics:

  • Safety measures
  • Temperature play
  • Bondage
  • Tickling
  • Electrical play
  • Edge play
  • Aftercare

Dirty Talk (by Rita Goldman-Hel)

What exactly is Dirty talk? Can anyone talk dirty? How can we do it in a fun and explorative way? You'll find the answers to these and other questions at the Dirty Talk workshop! There are going to be separate workshops in English, Latvian, and Russian.

Main topics:

  • What is Dirty talk?
  • Myths and truths about Dirty talk
  • 2 types of Dirty talk
  • 8 categories of Dirty talk
  • How to start easily and safely

Disclaimer: This is not a lecture but a workshop, so be ready to be involved and practice too!

Kinky Accessories Demonstration (by Ørjan Varøy)

Get ready to dive into the world of kink with an exciting accessories demonstration featuring HEL Milano's innovative and stylish range of BDSM gear! Whether you're a seasoned kinkster or a curious beginner, this demonstration will inspire you to explore and experiment with new techniques and tools.

By the end of the demonstration, you'll have learned a range of new skills and techniques that you can use to add excitement and intimacy to your kink experiences. You'll also have a better understanding of how to communicate with your partner, stay safe, and explore new areas of pleasure and sensation. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to learn from and engage with kinky experts!

Burlesque - Stocking Peel (by Affinity Starr)

​Understanding the seduction of a stocking peel in the context of voyeurism vs interaction. We will start out with short introduction to burlesque - history, classic burlesque poses, walks, moves. Then we will master stocking peels in a sitting and standing position in context of a sensual striptease. Whether these peels are for the stage or for the bedroom, you'll be surprised and delighted by how much you can do with a simple set of stockings!

Aimed at anyone who wants to do a fun class, novices, budding burlesque performers or established. Suits all levels.

What to bring & wear: Please wear clothes that allow movement and are not covering your thighs - something like shorts and a top, or a bodysuit, works just fine. Participants need to bring their own nylon stockings (fishnets or socks won’t work).

Body on Canvas (by Vittoria Hell)

This workshop is a unique blend of physical movement, artistic expression, and self-exploration. Participants use their hands, breasts, penises, feet, vulvas, bottoms, and entire bodies to create beautiful and expressive works of art on canvases, incorporating their own physicality into the final product. This is a fun and interactive way to celebrate the beauty and diversity of the human form and to connect with others in a meaningful and creative way.

Some technicalities:

  • Participants are encouraged to attend the workshop wearing either swimwear, underwear, or nothing.
  • Non-sexual nudity should be expected.
  • You’ll be provided with all the art material needed (canvas, non-toxic water-based paint, markers, etc.).
  • At the end of the workshop, you’ll have a unique piece of art to bring home with you.

Shibari 101 (by Jānis)

Shibari, also known as Japanese rope bondage, is an art form that involves tying rope around the body in intricate patterns to create visually stunning displays.

This workshop for beginners is the perfect place to start learning about this art form: participants will learn the basics of shibari and be introduced to the different techniques and tools needed to participate in the practice.

Main topics:

  • Basic terminology and concepts of shibari
  • Understanding the different types of rope and equipment
  • Proper safety protocols and potential risks involved in shibari practice
  • Basic knots and ties (single-column tie, double-column tie)

High-Heels Dance (by Sonrisa Dance Studio)

If you want to learn how to dance with confidence and grace in your favorite high heels, this is the workshop for you. You will learn all about the correct posture, balance and footwork required to beautifully dance in a mix of different dance styles. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced dancer, our workshops are designed to help you unleash your inner diva and express your femininity through dance.

What to bring & wear: wear something comfortable and don’t forget to bring your high heels.

Spanking/flogging (by Thalia Hel)

Crops, whips, paddles, sticks, canes, floggers and of course bare hands are among the most popular attributes of impact play. They are able to provide a wide range of sensations, from light caresses and gentle tickling to passionate whipping and intense spanking. When choosing a pleasure tool, first and foremost is safety. For this reason, the masterclass will start with negotiation, consent and safe body areas to impact during play. Another thing that needs to be taken into account is the level of experience of both yourself and your partner, as well as the quality, material, size and other parameters of the toy.

The participants of the masterclass will be guided through the popular range of impact play tools, they will learn about the differences and diverse application possibilities of each tool, as well as about their safe use.

Impact play tools are usually associated with BDSM practices; the masterclass will make sure that, when used correctly, they can be a good addition to the toy arsenal of any kinky play, create new impressions, and maintain passion and playfulness in the relationship.

Main topics:

  • Safety measures: body zones, consent, space preparation
  • Bare hand spanking techniques
  • Impact tools - differences, types of application
  • Characteristics of materials and their effects on the body and senses
  • Technique, control, safety - how not to shoot wrongly
  • Proper maintenance of impact tools

In the course of the masterclass, you will have the opportunity to see, touch and, if you wish, try out all the impact play instruments under the guidance of the pro-Domme Thalia Hel.

Strip-Plastic Dance (By Sonrisa Dance Studio)

Join our fun and flirty strip-plastic dance workshop! Our experienced instructor will guide you through the basic moves and techniques to performing a sensual dance. You'll learn how to strut, shimmy, and tease your way on the parterre. This workshop is perfect for anyone looking to spice up their dancing skills or gain a boost of self-confidence. All skill levels are welcome, so come try out your inner exhibitionist and leave feeling empowered and sexy!

What to bring & wear: wear something comfortable and don’t forget to bring your high heels. As the main part of the dance is performed on the floor, you may also want to bring knee pads with you.

Pegging 101 (by Rita Goldman-Hel)

A practice that is not widely discussed or taught at workshops and seminars. This is a lecture lead by Rita Goldman-Hel who not only has plenty of practical experience, but will also show different tools and share the essential knowledge. No demonstrations planned, though!

Main topics:

  • Pegging: definitions and confusions
  • Myths and truths
  • How to start
  • Safety measures and preparation
  • Accessories: types of harnesses
  • Accessories: dildos
  • Important things you should know
  • Aftercare and hygiene
  • Q&A

BDSM 101 (by Thalia Hel)

BDSM is a broad world of practices that still have a lot of stigma and misconception around them. True BDSM has nothing to do with violence and abuse and everything to do with trust, honesty, open communication, consent, acceptance, liberation and self-awareness.

During the masterclass we’ll go through all 4 letters of the acronym, safety, consent, negotiations, and ways how practices make life more exciting, wholesome and full of glorious emotions.

From easily teasing a partner to realizing the most daring fantasies - even those who have not been connected by BDSM and fetish until now will learn that almost everyone can use something suitable for themselves from the wide spectrum of Possibilities.

On the other hand, participants who want to take the first steps in practicing BDSM, or have already tried it, will learn how to make the experience more enjoyable, safer and will receive answers to the questions of interest.

Main topics:

  • BDSM - what really hides behind each letter
  • Basic principles – how to start practicing BDSM;
  • BDSM appeal – psychological and physiological aspects;
  • What distinguishes sexual taste from deviance;
  • Tools and toys – what to use and for what purpose;
  • Safety first - things to keep in mind.

Burlesque - Bump'n' Grind (by Affinity Starr)

You'll shimmy, shake, undulate, bump, grind, wiggle, jiggle, twirl and swirl your way through the classic burlesque moves.  You will learn sexy vintage and retro dance moves from the 1950’s will be explored along with vintage finishing poses and shimmy work for both lower and upper body, focusing on bumping and no grinding with the lower body. You will be giggling, hip flicking and grinding in no time within a safe and fun environment.

Not only will you walk away with a few new moves for the boudoir, but this is also a great workout!  

What to bring & wear: wear something flirty and comfortable and don’t forget to bring your high heels.

Shibari: Karadas (by Tengu Hanataka)

In this 2-hour-long workshop, we will learn about the history of Shibari, its tools, and basic principles. And we will learn to tie karadas (decorative body harnesses). This workshop is dedicated to beginners and is open to everyone.

What to bring & wear:

  • Yoga mat
  • Models should wear comfortable fitted clothes
  • If you have your ropes, bring them. If not – the ropes for the workshop activities will be provided to you.

Shibari advanced: Suspensions (by Tengu Hanataka)

In this 2-hour-long workshop we will learn the basics of suspension safety, and the main principles and technics needed to suspend a model. Also we will learn main knots and ties needed to make your first safe and pleasant suspension.

This workshop is dedicated to intermediates and is open to those who know how to make basic shibari ties (TK, Single and Double columns).

What to bring & wear:

  • Yoga mat
  • Models should wear comfortable fitted clothes
  • If you have your ropes and rings, bring them. If not – the ropes and rings for the workshop activities will be provided to you.

Domination (by Thalia Hel)

In this masterclass, the pro-Domme Thalia Hel will shed light and share knowledge about the topic of domination, D/s dynamics and playtime possibilities.

Mistress Thalia Hel has three years experience as pro-Domme as sensual sadist and dominant empath interested in exploring human nature and sexuality by creating personalised experiences. BDSM therapy sessions that free you from limitations, judgement, guilt, shame, insecurities and anxieties of everyday roles. Preferred practices are bodywork, impact play, waxplay, sadomasochism, bondage, role play, seduction and discipline.

We’ll discuss why people yearn for domination experiences and dynamics in their life and relationships, how to start practicing it, what to be mindful about, and how to keep yourself and partners safe.

Main topics:

  • Domination: why people like it
  • Different types of Doms and Dommes
  • What makes a true Dominant
  • Red flags in D/s dynamics
  • Choosing the type of power dynamics
  • Negotiation, consent, safe words, rituals
  • Play/scene/session structure possibilities

Mindfulness & Spirituality in BDSM (by Vittoria Hell)

This workshop is designed to explore the intersection of mindfulness and spirituality in the context of BDSM. Participants will learn about the role of mindfulness in enhancing connection and communication between partners, as well as how spirituality can deepen the experience of power exchange.

Main topics:

  • Meditation and breathing practices
  • Using mindfulness to enhance awareness of sensations and emotions during BDSM play
  • Exploring power exchange as a spiritual practice
  • Incorporating rituals and ceremonies into BDSM play
  • Tantric BDSM

Dom-in-Dance: Dance and Power Exchange (by Alex Lesperans)

Have you ever noticed that leading and following in dance is a kind of power exchange, not unlike the one in Dom/sub dynamics? Do you like to keep music on during your sessions and let it lead you? Do you want to meet others who love non-verbal communication, body contact and asymmetric roles? Then this workshop is for you!

Dom-in-Dance is an experimental fusion of dance, BDSM, and improvisation games. Our workshops always start with an introduction where, through various exercises and games, we try to create a shared dance-language. After the introduction, everybody is welcome to explore the newly created language and invite others to dance/play.

No background is necessary. The only things you must be able to do is dare to move and to touch your partners, nothing else. You may come without a partner.

What to expect?

  • Permitted and appreciated: dance, pleasure, happiness, action, sessions, communications, nudity, sex.
  • Required: respect to others and their limits. RACK applies. The safeword is RED.
  • As long as there is consent, there are no specific taboos, but very hardcore or dangerous sessions may be inappropriate.

What to bring & wear?

  • Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful
  • We will do many of the exercices with our eyes closed, take an eye mask if you have one
  • For the free part, take whatever tools and toys you might want to use
  • Take a bottle of water
  • We dance without shoes