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Impact Play (by Thalia Hel)

Crops, whips, paddles, sticks, canes, floggers and of course bare hands are among the most popular attributes of impact play. They are able to provide a wide range of sensations, from light caresses and gentle tickling to passionate whipping and intense spanking. When choosing a pleasure tool, first and foremost is safety. For this reason, the masterclass will start with negotiation, consent and safe body areas to impact during play. Another thing that needs to be taken into account is the level of experience of both yourself and your partner, as well as the quality, material, size and other parameters of the toy.

The participants of the masterclass will be guided through the popular range of impact play tools, they will learn about the differences and diverse application possibilities of each tool, as well as about their safe use.

Impact play tools are usually associated with BDSM practices; the masterclass will make sure that, when used correctly, they can be a good addition to the toy arsenal of any kinky play, create new impressions, and maintain passion and playfulness in the relationship.

Main topics:

  • Safety measures: body zones, consent, space preparation
  • Bare hand spanking techniques
  • Impact tools - differences, types of application
  • Characteristics of materials and their effects on the body and senses
  • Technique, control, safety - how not to shoot wrongly
  • Proper maintenance of impact tools

Shibari 101 (by Jānis)

Shibari, also known as Japanese rope bondage, is an art form that involves tying rope around the body in intricate patterns to create visually stunning displays.

This workshop for beginners is the perfect place to start learning about this art form: participants will learn the basics of shibari and be introduced to the different techniques and tools needed to participate in the practice.

Main topics:

  • Basic terminology and concepts of shibari
  • Understanding the different types of rope and equipment
  • Proper safety protocols and potential risks involved in shibari practice
  • Basic knots and ties (single-column tie, double-column tie)

Wax Play (by Thalia Hel)

Wax Play can be so many things–a sensual practice, a pain play, foreplay to awaken the nerve endings, a relaxing closer to an intense session, a holistic process of art therapy for the giver and receiver or just a bright sensation accent during some other practice.

Whatever way you choose to use candle wax as a tool to play with your partner and bring them pleasure, there are rules and ways to make it feel amazing. And Thalia Hel is here to share them with you.

Main topics:

  • Safety measures
  • Candle wax types
  • Preparation of the space and body
  • How to start, proceed and end the practice
  • Which play you can incorporate wax play in
  • Removal process options (knife play explained)

You will have the option to try wax play on your own skin. This masterclass is an introduction to waxplay for whoever is interested.