Discover the extraordinary teachers that will guide you through the Baltic Fetish Weekend.

Vittoria Hell


Vittoria Hell is dedicated to spreading the word about kink and BDSM throughout Italy and abroad. You can find her doing so on Instagram, on TikTok, and at the events she organizes at HEL Dungeon.

As an artist herself, she guides people through creative exercises and workshops to find their submissive or dominant sides, as well as connect with their bodies and minds.

Mistress Thalia Hel


Mistress Thalia Hel is a sensual sadist and dominant empath interested in exploring human nature and sexuality by creating personalised experiences. Her jam are BDSM therapy sessions that free you from limitations, judgement, guilt, shame, insecurities and anxieties of everyday roles.

Mistress Rita Goldman-Hel


Mistress Rita Goldman-Hel is a soft Dom, by that meaning her amplua is moderate, gentle and gradual practices, although there are equal chances she may become your femme fatale or a playful girl enjoying the power and authority given to her, or firm and relentless Dominatrix.

Nevertheless, pure caring, sense of humour, a little bit of sarcasm and lots of teasing is her style. Femdom sessions and trustful communication as a way for you to explore yourself, variety and spectrum of feelings and impressions and discuss and deliberate any topic. Trust, safety, sanity, consent and discretion are the cornerstones not only of BDSM, but any kind of human interaction.



With a spark in his eyes, Jānis is at first glance calm and peaceful. But if you are not attentive enough, all of a sudden you might realise ropes and nets, and knots and ties are all around the space, ready to imprison you.

A sleeping Sadist. An accordant and compatible submissive has proper odds to unlock the greatest adventure.

Feels, sees and understands the body language of the submissive during action. Forever loyal to shibari.

Ørjan Varøy


Ørjan Varøy is experienced with many parts of BDSM as he values exploration and satisfaction highly, and always want to find new things to both bring and receive joy. He has been an active member in the BDSM community since 2014, first in Oslo then in Riga.

Ørjan is social, and considers the BDSM community his home, with lovely and inspirational people who have a lot of warmth and space in their hearts. The best compliment he can get is "I did not know I would like that".

He is also trying to reduce his use of sexual innuendos, but he finds it hard. So very hard...

Affinity Starr


She was one of the very first burlesque performers in the Baltics, a pioneering performer who brings a old Hollywood razzle-dazzle  and some silliness to the stage. Affinity is a fire-hearted, fair-headed fierce vintage vixen. „Glitter, tease, and glamour – fun, and drama all in one.“

It all began at the start of the last decade, when she discovered the thrilling possibilities of burlesque by visiting the Helsinki Burlesque Festival. She fell in love with the art, and started working towards becoming a performer. Her debut was in 2011. In 2014 she made her first international appearance at "Sinsational Spring Awakening" in Helsinki and has been performing all over Europe ever since, in festivals and private events alike. She is also the only Estonian burlesque performer that won a crown at the Croatian Burlesque and Cabaret Festival 2017 in the category "Classic Burlesque".

Sonrisa Dance Studio

Welcome to Sonrisa Dance Studio, where we bring you unique and empowering dance styles that are sure to inspire and excite! Our studio is dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming space where dancers of all levels can explore their limits and express their creativity.

We are proud to be one of the first studios in Latvia to bring the sensual art of strip dance and the powerful confidence of heels dance to the country. Our experienced instructors have trained extensively in these styles and are passionate about sharing their knowledge with our students.

At our studio, we believe that dancing is about more than just the physical movements. It's about building confidence, exploring your sensuality, and expressing yourself through movement. Our classes are designed to help you tap into your inner strength and let go of any inhibitions, so you can dance with confidence and grace.

Tengu Hanataka


Over 10 years active in the Latvian and Lithuanian BDSM Scenes. Participates in variety of Baltic kink events, colLaborates with different artists and photographers, runs unique shibari learning courses.

Alex Lesperans

Alex lives in Sweden and is a researcher by day and a dancer by night. His passion is to merge dance with BDSM and to dive into the emotions brought by this cocktail of non-verbal communication, body contact and power exchange.